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Paintings of Various Styles to Enhance Your Walls

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A lot of people love to decorate their homes by choosing different types of Paintings to express their love for art. As there are different types of arts e.g. Calligraphy, Abstract Art, History, Landscape, Nature, Still Life etc., there are also different types of painting styles being used by artists to express their art. Below are some of the popular types of painting styles used in Pakistan.

Water Color Painting

Watercolor or watercolour, is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution.

In this painting method, paints are applied to the base with the help of water. The pigments of the paints are water soluble. This is usually painted on the paper but another base is also used for this media like wood, canvas, leather, etc. The strokes of colour are applied using different sizes of the brush. The watercolour painting has a long tradition which is popular for ages. It is also known as brush painting.

Oil Painting

The oil paint used in oil painting has a drying oil which is used as a binder to the pigment. The drying oils used are walnut oil, poppy seed oil, linseed oil mainly and others. Though because of the oily part, it seems quite complicated and messy, but this painting has a shiny effect and is of smooth texture. This was mainly originated in India and China but got recognition after many centuries. Nowadays this seems to be very popular types of painting and artist usually prefer to choose this type of paints.

Ink Wash Painting

This is a brush painting which consists of different densities of ink to provide the different shades in the paintings. China is the origin of this painting and it’s quite popular in East Asia. The vital feature of this style of wash painting is that it uses a  brush in which the hairs are tapered to a fine point. The strokes are painted carefully as it cannot be changed afterwards. It takes a lot of effort and time to get this right and stunning.

Acrylic Painting

In this type of painting the paints used are quite impressive. The acrylic paints consist of pigments in acrylic polymer emulsion. The pigments of the paints are water soluble; hence water is used while painting. But the surprising fact is that when the painting is complete, it turns out to be water resistant. This water-resistant art is loved by most painters and dries faster. This drying time characteristic makes this paint different from watercolour and oil colour. This type of painting is most colourful.

Pastel Colour Painting

Pastel colours are generally available in the sticks. This is the simple way of colouring and kids usually start colouring using pastel colours. The pastel sticks can be immediately used for colouring and drawing. In spite of its simple way of colouring, it may be difficult to shade and blend with different colours. The pastel painting can be done on paper and also on canvas. Pastel painting remains as usual without any change for years.

Glass Painting

Glass paintings are done on a glass base with pigments of colour. The other paints don’t get bind with the glass. So the paints used in glass painting are especially for glass so that those colour pigments can easily bind with glass. A black liner is used to outline the borders of the images drawn. The viscous colours are applied within the marked boundary. Glass painting is an artistic expression and is a craft work. This type of painting can be done on any wall hanging or any other showpieces or any glass flower vase or even in lampshade too. They look attractive and shine through.

Spray Painting

In spray painting, aerosol paint comes out from the pressurized container by controlling it with a valve. The portion of the surface where a particular colour is needed to be applied is kept open, while the other portions are covered. This is done so that the colour does not spread to other portions of the painting.

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