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Qum silk


  • This carpet is named after the famous ancient Persian city of incredible architecture, Qum (also known as Qoom, Quum and Ghoom). The Qum rug designs originate from classical Persian garden rugs. These rugs are super finely woven from 800-1000 knots per square inch. Special attention is given to every single knot. Many Qum area rugs are often used as wall hangings. However, these silk rugs are wonderful on the floor and underneath your feet. Qum rugs provide a variety of designs including different motifs and curvilinear designs. The Silk Qum rug at Ruby Rugs is truly exquisite in every way. The light that gleams from these magnificent pieces of art and the softness underneath your fingers is worth visiting to see and touch them in person. Guaranteed to give you the “ahhhh” feeling.

Dating as far back as ancient Mesopatamia in 2,500 BC, the tree of life rug is famous. The tree of life rug is considered magical for its inspiration in self growth and enlightenment. The tree of life design is also called “The Cosmic Tree”, “The World Tree” and “The Holy Tree”. In yoga, this prominent symbol keeps us in touch with mother earth and the universe, giving us roots into the ground while connecting us to heaven. In rugs, the tree of life celebrates infinity, paradise and is recognized by many different cultures around the world.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 in
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Size 2.5x4ft

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