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Black and Gold Painting

Details • set of 3 framed • sabar shukar frmae size 4×3. Mid frame size 3×3 • aclyrics used •handpainted Weight 10g

Khana e Kaba Painting

Khana kabaah painting •canvas painting • aclrics used • handpainted • without frame

Sufi whirling

Whirling Sufi/ dervish Oil paints on canvas, it can be customized according to the clients requirements for example size or adding some kind of calligraphy depends on the requirements, its standard size is 3ft. by 4ft.

Verses Calligraphy Artwork Golden Painting with Black Background

Details •size 8×8 •canvas painting •texture aclyric used for flowers •aclyrics used Weight 8 to 9g

Religious art or religious painting is any fine artwork that illustrates messages of any particular religion based on its moral values and humanity. Islamic art is most popular in painting art.