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Who We Are

Musawwir Kadah is the best interior designing store in Pakistan's and also a first marketplace for interior designing products and services, connects you with hundreds of sellers and interior designers from all over Pakistan. We are one stop shop to find a variety of interior designing products and services to revamp  your home and  office interiors .Our interior design experts will tell you trendy home design ideas and help you create a space that expresses your style and transforms a room into a place of beauty and comfort. Everything you need to improve the appearance of your home is available from kitchen design products to wall paintings for your wall decor, curtains for your windows to the dining table for your dining room, and chandeliers for your lobby. Additionally, you can find amazing pieces of abstract art, contemporary art, calligraphy art, and much more in our wall art collection to give your walls a touch of style and elegance. Musawwir Kadah is the ideal choice for all of your interior design requirements. Our products and services will help create a space that is truly unique and inviting.

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Our prestigious sellers from all over Pakistan are providing the best quality interior designing products in the following categories:


Your home needs a makeover to better reflect your personality


The flooring set the tone and feeling of a room


Great lighting creates depth & height, cozy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas. 


Walls and Windows play an important role in creating an ambiance of your choice


Abstract Art, Calligraphy, Contemporary Art, Couple, Figurative Art, History, Object Art, Romantic and more

Why Choose Musawwir Kadah for Your Interior Design Needs?

Interior design plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and luxurious living space. It involves the use of various elements such as color, lighting, texture, and furniture to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a room or an entire home. A well-designed interior can have a significant impact on an individual's mental and physical well-being. For example, the use of natural light and earthy colors can create a sense of calm and tranquility, while the incorporation of plants can improve air quality and promote relaxation. Additionally, a functional layout can optimize the use of space and make daily activities more efficient.

Interior design also has a significant impact on the overall value and appeal of a home. A well-designed home is not only more pleasant to live in, but it can also increase its resale value. This is particularly important for homeowners who are looking to put their property on the market.

One of the benefits of buying interior design products from our marketplace is the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home. Our marketplace offers a wide range of products from furniture and lighting to home decor accessories and textiles, making it easy to find everything you need to create the perfect living space. Additionally, our marketplace offers a curated selection of products from some of the best interior designers and brands in the industry, ensuring that you are getting high-quality and stylish products.

Another benefit of shopping on Musawwir Kadah is that it allows you to create a cohesive design aesthetic throughout your home. Musawwir Kadah offers a variety of design styles, so you can easily find products that match your personal taste and design preferences. Additionally, Musawwir Kadah allows you to shop by room, making it easy to find everything you need to create a complete look for each room in your home.

Finally, our marketplace offers competitive pricing, and a wide range of options in terms of quality, style and price which makes it accessible for everyone, also providing an option to choose and customize the products as per their requirement.

Interior designing is an important aspect of creating a comfortable and luxurious living space. It can improve the functionality, aesthetic appeal, and overall value of a home. Buying interior design products from Musawwir Kadah offers convenience, a curated selection of high-quality products, and the ability to create a cohesive design aesthetic throughout your home. With competitive pricing and options for customization, we and our sellers make it easy and accessible for you to achieve the perfect living space.

Money Back Guarantee

Whatever you buy from Musawwir Kadah has a 10-day money-back guarantee. So If after receiving the product, you don’t find it suitable for your home design or are not happy with the quality, you have all the right to return it within 10 days from the purchase date and get your 100% money back.

Free Delivery at your Doorstep

Musawwir Kadah ensures a secure and timely shipment of your ordered home design product at your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan. Our sellers carefully package and hand over your interior design product to our courier service partner to get it delivered within 3-5 working days.

Get Expert Advice

Musawwir Kadah is the only marketplace in Pakistan where you can find both interior designing product sellers and interior designers in one place. You may seek expert advice from our interior designers before making any investment to purchase any product for your home décor to ensure you get the best return of your money.

Hire Certified Interior Designers

Are you looking for a qualified, highly reputable and trustworthy interior designer for your home or office décor project? Musawwir Kadah connects you with hundreds of interior designers certified by Musawwir Kadah and you can engage one of them to get the job done in a highly professional and cost effective manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no shipping fee charged to the customer for delivering the order anywhere in Pakistan. Shipment of orders across Pakistan is 100% free. However, we charge a shipping fee for international shipments of interior design products and these charges may vary depending on the shipment destination and the size and weight of the interior design product to be delivered.

After you have placed your order, It may take minimum two days to maximum seven days to deliver your ordered product anywhere in Pakistan. International deliveries may take seven to fifteen days or even more depending on the outreach of the courier service.

Once your order is received, you will receive a call from Musawwir Kadah to seek confirmation on your product you ordered for your home or office decor. After you confirm the order, our team will coordinate with the seller for safe and secure packaging and delivery of the product to your doorstep.

If after receiving the product you find it different from what was shown in its online photos uploaded by the seller, you have all the freedom to return the product within 10 days from your product purchase date. For more information, please read our Refund and Return Policy.

Well, there are chances that you pick a home or office decor product that doesn’t match the current theme or aesthetics of your home or office interior. So, why take the risk of investing in the wrong product? Hire our certified interior designer on a nominal fee who can help you select the most suitable product for your space and ensure that your home looks as gorgeous as you envision it.