Floor Designs

Floor Design Ideas for Your Home

floor design ideas

While considering decorating homes, one of the most crucial considerations has to be how to make your floors look alluring and eye-catching. Floors make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home interior design. Whether you have a newly launched foundation or an existing one there are some ideas that you need to explore to make your floors look beautiful while at the same create a comfortable and soothing ambiance in your living and bedrooms.  The answer to enhancing your entire living area is hidden in your home’s floorboards. One of the rooms in your home with the highest impact requires a tremendous amount of space. There are many inventive methods to design the floor of your house.

Kitchen Floor

Whether you love cooking or not every house has a kitchen and it has to be considered thoroughly. Most of the kitchen floors are made with tiles so the tile decoration ideas will make them look more aesthetic.

One colored same tiles would be boring. You can use food-themed tile stickers to be pasted on alternate tiles to give it a nice seamless look depending on the color and theme of your kitchen. This simple floor decoration idea is also handy if you have a hardwood floor in your kitchen.

stunning kitchen floor design ideas
Kitchen Floor Design

Bathroom and Laundry Room Floor

Decorating a bathroom floor is not a simple task. Bathrooms usually have a very confined space and doing the wrong embellishments will end up in ridiculous results so in bathrooms simple decoration ideas will work.

Epoxy flooring is an outstanding floor decoration idea for bathrooms. You can get the epoxy over the tiles easily so there is no need to remove the previously installed tiles at all. Epoxy floors will cover up the whole surface and bring your old-fashioned and dull tiles a new ravishing look. Professionals are required to get this job done.

marble made bathroom floor
Marble made Bathroom Flooring

Lounge and Entrance Floor

Wood flooring is nowadays very popular because of its esthetic look and shine. Mostly wood floors are preferred in lounges and entrance floors.

A short quote at the entrance of your lounge will brighten up the overall look of your home. It is a unique idea that can be done easily by yourself. You can do it either way by putting stickers on your wood floors or using the already printed hardwood planks.

Living Room Floor

Last but the most important part of your home is the Living room there are a number of floor decoration ideas for your living room by matching it with your furniture and other interiors.

Area rugs are not low-priced floor decorating accessories but it is worth a try. If you have a dark-themed hardwood floor in your living room go with a light-colored area rug to create an eye-catching look by contrasting your floor corner with the overall room interior. However, in the case of tile floors in a living room, you can go for a faux fur rug to give your living room a cozy and warmer vibe.

granite flooring for living room and lobby
Granite Floor for Living Room and Lobby


There are so many flooring options available in the market from tiles and epoxy to wood floors, there is everything you like to build your home. You can easily transform your boring floors with these ideas into new and fresh floors to give your home space a seamless look. The ideal home floor plan necessitates consideration of the best materials for the various rooms, the study of those materials, and expert guidance. Thus, always do your study and get advice from a specialist before choosing your home’s floor plan.