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Best Ideas for your Home Decor – A Budget-Friendly Approach

best ideas for your home decor

Make a good first impression on visitors when your relatives or family friends come to visit by paying attention to your home’s interior design and decoration. Your personality and sense of style are actually reflected in it. It also illustrates how creatively you think and live. However, how a house is decorated matters a lot, regardless of how big or little it is. In this article, I am going to share with you some quick cost-effective tips and ideas to make your home, particularly your bedroom, living room, and drawing room look well-organized, easy to maintain, and at the same time stylish and elegant.

Bedroom Décor Ideas

Bedroom Design with a Blue Wall Art
Bedroom Design with a Blue Wall Art

Let’s start with your bedroom.

  • Color your way to restful sleep. Blue is a relaxing color that invites restful sleep.
  • Choose a soft and cozy bed on which side tables should be installed. Place a rug under the bed to make it comfortable when you put your feet on it.
  • Create a wooden headboard wall with LED strip lights Install a unique wooden ceiling pendant light on the side of the bed.
  • Both natural and artificial control lights are important. If you are sensitive to sunlight while you sleep, you need the ability to block it out. The best way to do this is with blackout blinds with blackout lining. However, sunlight usually enters the room through the edge of the shade. To prevent that, add curtains with blackout lining.
  • At night, it’s nice to have a layer of lighting. Ceiling lights can illuminate an entire room quickly, but may not be very effective in setting the right mood. Add light instead of color to a space. 
  • Add green plants to the room and don’t forget to add paintings to the walls.
  • A pair of lamps on the bedside table usually has a more attractive glow. Table lamps provide mood lighting and wall lamps provide directional light for reading. Or put a super simple table lamp and a decorative corner in the room. 
  • A wooden storage niche in the wall of the lamp table is a great idea for a book.
  • A well-designed bedroom serves as a sanctuary for the night. Add a huge floor mirror that gives the room more space.

Living Room Décor Ideas

Living room with natural light
Low-budget living room with natural light

The main living areas whether they are separate areas from rooms or combined in an open concept space set the stage for life with family where you spend most of your time. It’s a place for leisure time and a cozy conversational area. Pay more attention to the décor your living room. Here are a few tips and ideas from the experts:

  • The living room should include a wooden accent wall having a space of LED inside of full size. On the other side of the wall, paste wallpaper creates a Soothing and inviting ambiance.
  • Hang oversized bright lights and hang coastal color paintings on the wall.
  • And a green plant in the corner to brighten the mood when one feels anxious or depressed.
  • Hang your art collection on your wall. 
  • Use floor plans and inspirational images to select specific furniture, sofas, chairs, and tables that make the space livable.
  • Go in different directions depending on the mood you want. For example, in traditional rooms, it is often helpful to focus on a symmetrical layout. A sofa and sculptural coffee table are placed in the center of the fireplace, and charcoal anchors and armchairs are placed on either side to darken the fireplace. A highly symmetrical room can be beautifully formal.
  • Hang a golden mirror over the fireplace. On the other hand, if you choose a sofa, you will probably have a less formal room. 
  • Sofas and armchairs in the same room should have seats of the same height to avoid people sitting much higher than others. In general, lower seats are more casual and relaxed, while higher seats are more formal. 
  • It should be borne in mind that the number of dining chairs is about the same as the number of places to relax, regardless of whether the space is casual or formal. If you plan to have 12 people at the dining table, consider seating her 12 in the living room so you can mingle before and after your meal.
  • With hardwood floors and no carpet, the living room looks bare. Add rugs for visual and literal comfort. Be generous with your size selection. A small rug under the coffee table that doesn’t reach the legs of the sofa or chair looks like a raft lost at sea. The rug should allow the edge to reach half or all the way under the furniture.

Drawing Room Décor Ideas

Drawing Room decor idea
Drawing Room decor idea

It’s the part of the home which is designed for guests specially. It should be designed so perfectly because it’s the place to receive and entertain friends, relatives, or guests. According to tradition drawing rooms are separate rooms from the living room in a house.

  • First of it should be a clean space, and look bright and lightening.
  • The main part of drawing room decoration includes the color scheme and ceiling design. It should be best if you add one big mirror having wooden work on the sides hanging on the wall.
  • Place sofas on both sides of the room and table between two sections of the sofa and place a small greenhouse plant on it.
  • Comfortable seating goes a long way in making your drawing room look comfortable. It is important not to clutter your drawing room space with different and unnecessary furniture.
  • A large glass window with a garden view could make your drawing room a luxurious look.


While there are many inexpensive methods to decorate your home, each person has their own sense of style. Nevertheless, there are a few equally important ideas that were mentioned in this post that you may use as a guide when selecting your home décor selections.

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